Meet our Advisers

Meet our Advisers

In establishing Directions IAG Ltd in 2011, our aim was to ensure a consistent and high quality service to young people, schools and parents/carers in Essex.

Directions works with schools and colleges across Essex, both in an advisory capacity to school staff and Governors/Trustees, and with young people, as they plan for the future.

Our Directors


Deborah Anderson

Diploma in Careers Guidance (Dip CG)

Deborah is responsible for planning, new business and delivery of contracts. She provides leadership and support to advisers delivering services.
Deborah enjoys working in a consultancy role in schools and supporting young people with their ideas. Having worked in education and careers for over twenty-five years, she is more certain than ever of the importance of independent guidance for young people as they plan their futures.


Louise Brazier

Diploma in Careers Guidance (Dip CG)

Louise is responsible for planning, delivery, training and finance. She provides leadership and support to advisers delivering services.

From the very beginning of Directions IAG Ltd, Louise has been committed to delivering a high quality and bespoke careers guidance service to the educational establishments of Essex. For Louise, quality and meeting the specific needs of the students are vital factors in our delivery.


Wendy Burrows

Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development (Dip CGD)

Wendy is responsible for strategy and quality assurance. She provides leadership and support to advisers delivering services.

Wendy thrives on co-managing an independent and impartial careers organisation. Having regular contact with young people and various education settings as well as being involved in a more strategic role for Directions, gives her a clear understanding of the needs and issues surrounding careers guidance and education.

Meet our Associate Careers Advisers


Lynne Pembroke

Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development (Dip CGD)

“Having worked in the education sector for over 20 years, I became an independent Careers Guidance Adviser at Directions IAG in 2012. I very much enjoy working with extremely professional, highly qualified likeminded people, who value as I do the benefits of giving quality careers advice in schools and academies within the Essex area.“


Jane Cure

Diploma in Careers Guidance (Dip CG)

“I have been providing career advice and guidance to young people for over 25 years. Joining the team at Directions IAG in 2011 as an independent careers guidance adviser has enabled me to continue working with local schools and academies to help students explore their career aspirations and make informed decisions about their future.“


Laura Eaves

Qualification in Careers Guidance (QCG)

”I have been working as an independent careers adviser for many years. I enjoy the role of providing all important impartial advice and guidance, supporting young people to make the best choices for them. With so many decisions and pressures for young people, it is especially rewarding to help a student plan the first step towards their chosen career path.”


Emma Doman

Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development (Dip CGD)

“I fell into the world of Careers Guidance in 2003, purely by chance, but have never looked back! It’s a rare moment to find a job you genuinely love. I really enjoy working with young people and helping them to make decisions about their futures, and the sense of reward is second to none! I started working with Directions in September 2015 and I relish being part of an accomplished and skillful group of professionals.”

Sarah Peters

Sarah Peters

Qualification in Careers Guidance (QCG)

“For the last 14 years I have been working with young people at Essex County Council as a NEET Intervention Adviser. I am passionate about supporting young people and thoroughly enjoy helping them to think about themselves, what they would like to do and help make a plan that is right for them. I am looking forward to bringing with me great enthusiasm as I offer each young person impartial careers advice and guidance.”


Kate Nokes

Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development (Dip CGD)

“I have 20 years’ experience of working with young people and have created a successful coaching business. I offer a holistic, coaching approach to Careers Guidance and enjoy working with young people in order to explore their values and passions, and to enable them to create success for themselves that will be in tune with their life goals and ambitions. I am proud to work with a team of highly qualified professional advisers, offering impartial information advice and guidance.“


Fiona Byford-Smith

Diploma in Careers Guidance (Dip CG)

“I started as a Careers Adviser in Warwickshire, and have now worked for over 20 years in Essex. I joined the Directions team in 2020, and I am also employed at Chelmsford College as a Careers Adviser specialising in apprenticeships. I have worked with all age groups including primary school, secondary school and post 16 students. I truly love the role of being an impartial careers adviser, always putting the client first.”